Tickle Me Pink Blonde
Life is confusing. My life is also far from perfect, but one thing that is always for certain for me is Love.

What I LOVE is: Laughing, Writing, Rainbows, My Boyfriend, PUPPIES, Cookies, Fashion, Flowers, Water Painting, anything lace, & music of all kinds! My all time passion is volleyball and dancing. I'm an athletic girl. I meditate. I love yoga.

I'm like a Buddhist-Christian. 21 years young... I still believe in magic, and use my imagination every day! I believe you Never stop Learning! =)

I Support Love of Any Kind!
the-glasshouse - Imagination is all we have. It makes us a well rounded person. Some people say that we should give up our imagination as we hit a certain age. I feel that we are never to old to quit imagining a different world. Don't you agree?

I completely agree with you. Imagination is a gift, and I feel sorry for those who ignore or forget to use theirs.

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